Terms Conditions and Regulations for Hire

  1. The swing lounge will be opened by a member of the staff, unless agreed otherwise.
  2. The swing lounge is let on the understanding that any member of staff has the right of entry at any time to the area hired.
  3. The times booked should be adhered to at all times or further charges will be applied.
    Cancellations made within 24 hours will be liable for £25.00 per hour off peak.
  4. Should the member of staff that opens the swing lounge, before the hire commences, see any reason fit, they have the full power to cancel the booking, return the hire fees and not to be liable to pay any compensation.
  5. Full payment must be made in advance of the booking unless otherwise stated.
  6. A security bond may be payable at the time of booking (at the discretion of the swing lounge) and this will only be refundable on satisfied inspection of the area used after the event.
  7. All Catering and Drink requirements must be approved by the swing lounge at all times.
  8. Damage – The hirer will be responsible for the full cost of repairing any damage caused, replacing furniture or fittings lost or damaged, replacing simulator equipment or for deep clean of the building in the event that unnecessary mess is caused.
  9. Conduct – The hirer will be responsible for the proper conduct of persons using the swing lounge.
  10. Loss of property – The swing lounge does not accept responsibility or liability for any damage or loss of property of things that are placed and left upon the premises whilst the swing lounge is being hired.
  11. Fire Risks – The hirer should make themselves familiar with the fire procedures for the Swing lounge. Smoking is not permitted inside the swing lounge. Hirers should use the designated smoking shelter provided and approved by Heysham Golf Club.
  12. Indemnity – The hirer shall indemnify the swing lounge against all claims, demands, actions or mproceedings in respect of the default or injury caused by or to any person which shall occur whilst the person is in or upon swing lounge property or arise from an accident whilst at the premises, or in respect of any loss or damage suffered or sustained by any person.
  13. The swing lounge and toilets and bar are the only area to be used by the hirer and accepts all other rooms  classed as out of bounds unless a request is made, with the exception of Heysham Golf Club members and academy members.
  14. Groups – Maximum of 6 persons to be admitted to the swing lounge at any time
  15. Any under 18’s will not be admitted without the supervision of at least 1 adult, with the exception of Heysham Golf Club juniors aged 16-17.
  16. The hirer agrees to leave the room in a tidy condition and return any glasses/ bottles to the golf club bar and place any rubbish in the golf club bin.
  17. The hirer accepts these terms and conditions on the basis that he/she as named will be held fully responsibility during the hire period.

The Ultimate Swing Lounge Experience

Includes: 4 hours for upto 6 players, food & 24 bottles of beer.

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